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  • It is not possible


    change a material in transaction MM02 so that the material is batch

    managed from

    non-batch managed or from

    batch managed to non-batch managed.

  • The system issues the error : M3530 Batch management requirement cannot be changed; choose "Display errors".

  • Stocks already exist at plant level / batches already exist.


SAP Release Independent

  Reproducing the Issue  

  1. Create a material in transaction MM01 which is not batch managed.

  2. Post initial stock into the system for the material.

  3. Go to transaction MM02,

    set the indicator

    'Batch Managed'


  4. The system issues the error : M3530 Batch management requirement cannot be changed; choose "Display errors".

  5. Stocks already exist at plant level.


  • In order to prevent inconsistencies you should not change the material to be batch managed / non-batch managed unless the stock is zero.


  • It is possible to change a material master from non batch managed to batch managed or vice versa. However this can only be done if you have

    zero quantity in stock and there is no open purchase orders / production orders etc.

  • If there is

    stock / open orders when you try to change that material to batch managed,

    error message


    "Batch management requirement cannot be changed; choose 'Display errors'" should be issued.

  • Please refer to SAP note    30656    which explains why the error message is

    displayed and the action to correct this.

  • The message that stocks still exist refers not only to stocks in the

    current period, but also to stocks in the previous period!

  • The reason for checking previous period stocks is that postings can also be made to the previous period when entering goods movements. This would

    result in inconsistencies if the batch managed change had being allowed.

  • Please, close any open documents and reverse any material movements

    on this material.

  • For



    zero stock


    are assigned to the material

    archive these in transaction SARA and reorganize the tables MCH1, MCHA and MCHB.

  • At this point the batch management flag can be changed.

Also, please review the following:

  1. If you want to change the batch management flag, it is not enough to

    check for stock. You must also reorganize all existing batches for the

    material. You can do this using the Tranasaction MM73 and MM74 or SARA. After

    you have reorganized the batches you should be able to change

    the batch management. The object to use in the transaction SARA is MM_SPSTOCK.

    You must first set the deletion flag for the batch using transaction MCH2.

  2. If you have defined the batch level in the

    transaction OMCE to 'unique at

    material level' it is not possible to turn off the batch management

    flag in one plant. You can can only turn it off for all plants at the same time. That means if you want to turn it off, the system checks

    all plants for the existence of stock. In other words, the batch management flag will be the same for all plants at any time if you

    use the batch level 'unique at material level'.


ECC, Zero Stock, Material Master, Open Stock, Purchase Order, Sales Order, SARA, Archive, OMCE, Unique at Material Level, Current Period, Previous Period

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