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作者 Balaji Krishna 2017-09-27    777


  SAP Vora2.0最近发布了,我想借此机会向我们的客户和合作伙伴介绍这个新版本,并分享从Vora1.x迁移到2.x代码行的关键原因和动机  


  基于Docker容器和Google Kubernetes的更新架构  


  •    借助SAP Vora2.0,我们正在转向基于的新架构    将Vora作为Docker容器并利用Kubernetes    作为管理这些容器的集群管理工具   

  •    将Vora安装与Hadoop基础架构分离 - 这意味着Vora将安装在商用硬件上运行的独立Kubernetes群集上(类似于Hadoop节点)   

  •    更轻松地支持新的Hadoop和云存储层,如Azure ADLS(计划在2.1中)以及更广泛的云采用   

  •    在云部署中动态调配Vora容器以帮助降低运行资源密集型数据管道时的TCO,特别是"无状态"应用程序。   




  与SAP Data Hub集成  


  •    SAP Data Hub是一个    SAP宣布的全新解决方案    本周早些时候,这使客户能够构建更高效的数据管道,从而利用现有的ETL作业,并将创新的机器学习算法结合到管道中   

  •    现在SAP Vora作为数据集线器的一部分包含在内,是此新解决方案的分布式处理引擎   




  除上述功能外,SAP Vora2.0还提供以下新增功能,  


  •    通过提供新的监测和诊断框架增强调试和根本原因分析   

  •    支持Apache Spark 2.x   

  •    数据生命周期管理支持SAP Vora作为目标(计划于2012年10月发布DLM2.0 sps02的限制发货)   

  •    新的表格类型支持使用IoT用例的流式数据。   

  •    通过利用ITAB结构,使用voraodbc接口优化HANA和Vora之间的连接   

  •    用于将Vora1.4内容(表格,视图,模型)移至Vora2.0格局的迁移工具   


  加入我们以了解更多关于   Vora2.0的功能在即将举行的网络研讨会上   通过在HANA国际焦点组JAM页面注册  



SAP Vora2.0 was recently released and I want to take this opportunity to introduce this new version to our customers and partners and share the key reasons and motivation in migrating from Vora1.x to 2.x code line

Renewed architecture based on Docker containers and Google Kubernetes

  • With SAP Vora2.0 we are moving to a new architecture based on   delivering Vora as Docker containers and leveraging Kubernetes   as cluster management tool for managing these containers

  • Decouple Vora installation from Hadoop infrastructure – this means Vora will be installed on a separate Kubernetes cluster running on commodity hardware (similar to Hadoop nodes)

  • Easier support for new Hadoop and Cloud storage layers such as Azure ADLS (planned in 2.1) and broader Cloud adoption

  • Dynamic provisioning of Vora containers in Cloud deployments to help lower TCO especially for “stateless” applications when running resource intensive data pipelines.

Integration with SAP Data Hub

  • SAP Data Hub is a   brand-new solution that SAP announced   earlier this week and this enables customers to build more efficient data pipelines that leverage existing ETL jobs but also combine innovative Machine Learning algorithms into the pipelines

  • SAP Vora is now included as part of Data Hub and is the distributed processing engine for this new solution

In addition to the above capabilities, SAP Vora2.0 also delivers the following new enhancements,

  • Enhanced debugging and root cause analysis by delivering new Monitoring and Diagnostic Framework

  • Support for Apache Spark 2.x

  • Data Lifecycle Management support for SAP Vora as a target (restricted shipment with DLM2.0 sps02 planned for Oct2017)

  • New table type support for Streaming data with IoT use cases.

  • Optimized connectivity between HANA and Vora using voraodbc interface by leveraging ITAB structures

  • Migration tools for moving Vora1.4 content (tables, views, models) to Vora2.0 landscape

Join us to learn more about the  Vora2.0 features in the upcoming webinars  by registering at the HANA International Focus group JAM page


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