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作者 SAP 2016年出版 分类:sap 1975

SAP Press - BOPF Business Object Development(BOPF:Business Object Processing Framework)


1 What is the BOPF?
2 Anatomy of a Business Object
2.1 Nodes
2.2 Actions
2.3 Determinations
2.4 Validations
2.5 Associations
2.6 Queries
3 Working with the BOPF Client API
3.1 API Overview
3.2 Creating BO Instances and Node Rows
3.3 Searching for BO Instances
3.4 Updating and Deleting BO Node Rows
3.5 Executing Actions
3.6 Working with the Transaction Manager
4 Where to Go From Here
4.1 Looking at the Big Picture
4.2 Building and Enhancing BOs
4.3 Finding BOPF-Related Resources
5 UML Tutorial: Advanced Sequence Diagrams
5.1 Creating and Deleting Objects
5.2 Depicting Control Logic with Interaction Frames

BOPF SAP Press 英文原版




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