Internet of Things with SAP HANA

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Internet of Things with SAP HANA 可编辑带导航非影印版!

1. Introduction
1.1. Real World
1.2. IoT Enablement Factors
1.1.1. Miniaturization Of Devices
1.1.2. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

1.1.3. Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)
1.1.4. Communication Throughput And Lower Latency
1.1.5. Low Power Consumption Devices
1.1.6. Cloud Computing
1.1.7. Improved Security And Privacy
2. IoT Architecture
2. Getting Started With IoT Use Cases
1.1. Open Hardware Platforms Will Help You Build Your Thing
1.2. Learn About IoT Standards
1.3. Get Out Of Comfort Zone!
1.4. Follow Your End To End Tutorial
3. Project: SAP HANA Internet of Things (IoT): Raspberry PI, Arduino Uno, XSJS &SAPUI5
1.1. Introduction To The Project
1.2. Introduction To Arduino Uno And Raspeberry Pi
1.3. Setting Up Arduino Uno
1.4. Setting Up Raspberry Pi
1.5. Setting Up Java Program To Read Serial Port
1.6. Setting Up SAP Hana Using Native Development
1.7. Setting Up SAPUI5
1.8. Tying Loose Ends And Going Live
4. Bonus

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