Practical Guide to SAP Material Ledger

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Practical Guide to SAP Material Ledger 英文原版,可编辑带导航非影印版!

Table of Contents
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1 Introduction to SAP Material Ledger
1.1 Overview: What is SAP Material Ledger?
1.2 Main functions of SAP Material Ledger and general concepts of actual
product costing
2 Key design definitions and important considerations when implementing SAP
Material Ledger
2.1 Driving factors to implement SAP Material Ledger
2.2 Choosing the best inventory valuation method for your company
2.3 Material price determination setup
2.4 Multiple currencies
2.5 Price differences
3 Configuration for activating SAP Material Ledger and actual costing
3.1 Activation of valuation areas for SAP Material Ledger
3.2 Assign currency types to SAP Material Ledger type
3.3 Currency and valuation profile definition
3.4 Assignment of currency type and valuation view of a valuation profile
3.5 Assignment of currency and valuation profile to controlling area
3.6 Create version for group valuation
3.7 Assign SAP Material Ledger types to a valuation area
3.8 Multiple valuation approaches activation
3.9 Maintain number ranges for material ledger documents
3.10 Configure dynamic price changes
3.11 Material price update
3.12 Actual costing configuration
3.13 SAP Material Ledger as related to automatic account determination

3.14 SAP Material Ledger production start-up
3.15 SAP Material Ledger settings in COPA
4 Integrated flow of transactional data into SAP Material Ledger
4.1 Standard cost set-up and cost roll-up process
4.2 Purchase of raw material
4.3 Manufacturing process using product cost by order
4.4 Sales of finished product
4.5 Flow of sales data into COPA
5 Month-end closing process
5.1 Critical checkpoints throughout the month and during the month-end closing
5.2 Cost center closing process
5.3 Production order closing
5.4 Periodic actual costing run
6 Actual costs review and reporting
6.1 Manufacturing cost center—zero balance
6.2 CKM3N walkthrough of a finished product analysis status and actual cost
results for a material
6.3 Reviewing material master after material ledger close
6.4 Reviewing SAP Material Ledger closing document and general ledger
6.5 Price difference accounts after materials ledger closing
6.6 Material price analysis (CKM3N)—integrated view
7 Periodic valuation in COPA
8 SAP Material Ledger reporting
8.1 Material list with price and inventory values
8.2 Other useful material ledger reports
8.3 Material ledger document reports
8.4 Drilldown reporting
9 List of main SAP Material Ledger tables
10 Overview of advanced and newest SAP Material Ledger functions
10.1 Manual change of actual cost component splits

10.2 Distribution of usage differences (DUV)
10.3 Alternative valution run (AVR)
10.4 Business functions (enhancement packages 5 and 6)

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