SAP Press - Accounting Entries in SAP ERP Controlling

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SAP Press - Accounting Entries in SAP ERP Controlling 英文原版,可编辑带导航非影印版!

1 Integrated Process Flows: Buy, Make, and Sell
1.1 Procure to Pay
1.2 Plan to Manufacture
1.3 Order to Cash
2 Distribution of Usage Variances
2.1 Capturing Physical Inventory Documents
2.2 Distribution of Usage Variances
2.3 Distribution of Activities
3 Integrated Process Flows: Other Logistics Scenarios
3.1 Product Cost by Order
3.2 Product Cost by Period
3.3 Product Cost by Sales Order
3.4 Project Controlling
3.5 Controlling for Maintenance and Service Orders
4 Corrections or Adjustment Postings
4.1 Reposting Line Items
4.2 Correcting an Activity Allocation
4.3 Reposting Values
5 Cross-Company Postings

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