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SAP Press - SAP Solution Manager for SAP S4HANA 英文原版,可编辑带导航非影印版!

1 Overview of SAP Solution Manager 7.2
1.1 Release Overview
1.2 Upgrade Impact
1.3 Process Management
1.4 Content Activation
1.5 New User Interface
1.6 Content Delivery
1.7 Usage Rights
1.8 Summary
2 SAP Solution Manager 7.2 for SAP S/4HANA
2.1 Readiness Check and Planning Service
2.2 Custom Code Management
2.3 Roadmaps
2.4 Process Modeling and SAP Activate
2.5 Managing Requirements from Collection to Realization
2.6 Testing and Deployment
2.7 Support Integration
2.8 Monitoring, Root Cause Analysis, and Regular Operational Tasks
2.9 Hybrid SAP S/4HANA Scenarios
2.10 Delivery Platform for SAP S/4HANA Engagements
2.11 SAP Solution Manager 7.2 on SAP HANA
2.12 Business Process Improvement
2.13 Summary
3 SAP S/4HANA Implementation Roadmap
3.1 Transition Approach
3.2 Roadmaps and Project Plans
3.3 Project Management
3.4 Deployment Best Practices
3.5 Summary
4 Calculate the Distance to SAP S/4HANA Value
4.1 Engagement Offerings
4.2 Readiness Check for SAP S/4HANA
4.3 Summary
5 Custom Code Management for SAP S/4HANA
5.1 Overview of Custom Code Management
5.2 Usage of Custom Code
5.3 Decommissioning Cockpit
5.4 Quality Cockpit
5.5 Prepare for SAP S/4HANA
5.6 Summary
6 Data Volume Management for SAP S/4HANA
6.1 Data Volume Management Overview
6.2 Data Volume Management during SAP S/4HANA Conversion
6.2.1 Premigration Phase
6.2.2 Postmigration Phase
6.3 DVM Workcenter Applications for SAP S4/HANA Projects
6.3.1 Reorganization and Compression
6.3.2 Forecast and Simulation
6.3.3 Time-Based Data Distribution
6.3.4 Guided Self-Service
6.3.5 Improvement Projects
6.4 Introduction to Data Aging
6.4.1 Technical Structure of Data Aging
6.4.2 Data Management Strategies for SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA
6.5 SAP Fiori Applications in Data Volume Management
6.6 Summary
7 Process Management
7.1 Solution as Single Source of Truth
7.2 Documenting a Solution
7.2.1 Process Area
7.2.2 Libraries
7.2.3 Document Types in Documentation Structure
7.3 Managing the Solution Lifecycle
7.3.1 System Landscape and Change Control Landscapes
7.3.2 Branches
7.3.3 Sites and Multiple Production Systems
7.3.4 One Process for Software Deployment and Documentation Changes
7.4 Best Practices for Working with Solutions
7.5 Summary
8 SAP Best Practices for SAP S/4HANA
8.1 SAP Best Practices Content
8.2 Implementing SAP S/4HANA, On-Premise Edition
8.3 Summary
9 Test Management
9.1 Accessing Test Suite
9.2 Test Case Creation
9.2.1 Management of Test Systems and Data
9.2.2 Creating Manual Test Cases
9.2.3 Creating Automated Test Cases
9.3 Test Planning
9.3.1 Creating Test Plan Manually
9.3.2 Creating a Test Plan via Change Impact Analysis
9.4 Test Execution
9.4.1 Executing Manual Tests
9.4.2 Scheduling Automated Tests
9.5 Defect Management
9.5.1 Defect Creation
9.5.2 Defect Processing
9.6 Reporting and Analytics
9.7 Scope and Effort Analyzer
9.8 Integration with HP ALM by SAP and SAP TAO
9.9 Summary
10 Change Control Management
10.1 Overview of Change Control Management
10.2 Coordinate Developments and Transports
10.2.1 Change and Transport System
10.2.2 SAP Transport Execution Analysis Service
10.3 Change Diagnostics
10.3.1 Tracing Changes
10.3.2 Change Reporting
10.3.3 End-to-End Change Analysis
10.3.4 Configuration Validation
10.4 Central Transport Management and Retrofit
10.4.1 Central Transport Management
10.4.2 Transport Management Infrastructure of SAP Solution Manager
10.4.3 Synchronizing Development Systems
10.5 Quality Gate Management
10.5.1 Components of Quality Gate Management
10.5.2 How Does Quality Gate Management Work?
10.6 Change Request Management
10.7 Release Management
10.7.1 Project Management vs. Release Management
10.7.2 How Does Release Management Work with SAP Solution Manager?
10.8 Summary
11 Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager
11.1 Focused Build Overview
11.2 Methodology and Quality Governance
11.3 Automated Reporting with the Solution Readiness Dashboard
11.4 Accelerating Projects with Collaborative Process Design
11.5 SAPUI5 Apps for the Build Process
11.6 SAPUI5 Apps and Test Management Dashboards
11.7 Typical Integration Scenarios
11.8 Get Focused Solutions for SAP Solution Manager
11.9 Summary
12 Monitoring, Root-Cause Analysis, and Regular Operational Tasks
12.1 Technical Monitoring and Administration
12.1.1 System Monitoring for SAP HANA
12.1.2 SAP HANA System Replication Monitoring
12.1.3 Root-Cause Analysis and Guided Procedure
12.2 Workload Analysis and Management
12.2.1 SAP EarlyWatch Alert
12.2.2 Analyze and Trace Workload in Detail
12.2.3 Guide the Tuning of SQL Statements
12.3 Security in SAP Solutions
12.3.1 Security Maintenance and Security Patch Management
12.3.2 Security Configuration Analysis and Monitoring
12.4 Summary
13 IT Service Management
13.1 Best Practices Solution
13.2 SAP and IT Infrastructure Library
13.3 Connecting Help Desk Systems from Other Manufacturers
13.4 IT Service Management in SAP Solution Manager 7.2
13.5 New Process for Service Catalog Management
13.6 Usage Rights for ITSM
13.6.1 Scope
13.6.2 Named User Licenses
13.6.3 Capabilities
13.7 Supporting SAP S/4HANA
13.7.1 Embedded Support and SAP Collaboration
13.7.2 SAP Fiori UIs to Create and Dispatch
13.7.3 SAP Jam Collaboration
13.8 Benefits of ITSM on SAP HANA
13.8.1 Text Analysis
13.8.2 Process Analysis
13.9 Summary
14 SAP Solution Manager for the Cloud
14.1 Private Cloud
14.2 Public Cloud
14.3 Implementing SAP S/4HANA, Cloud Edition
14.4 Application Operations for the Public Cloud
14.5 Maintenance
14.6 Summary
15 Business Process Improvement for SAP Solutions
15.1 Benefits of Business Process Improvement for SAP Solutions
15.2 Business Process Improvement Methodology
15.3 Business Process Improvement Suite in SAP Solution Manager
15.3.1 Business Process Analytics
15.3.2 Business Process Operations Dashboards
15.3.3 Dependency Diagrams
15.3.4 Progress Management Board
15.4 Out-of-the-Box KPI Content
15.5 Business Process Improvement and SAP S/4HANA
15.5.1 Reduce Data and Memory Footprint for SAP HANA
15.5.2 Improve (Transactional) Data Quality
15.5.3 Go-Live Hypercare Support
15.5.4 Increase Degree of Process Automation
15.6 Summary
16 Business Process Operations for SAP S/4HANA
16.1 Business Process Monitoring
16.2 Data Consistency Management
16.3 Job Scheduling Management
16.4 Summary
17 The Maintenance Planner in Landscape Management
17.1 SAP Support Portal: Centralizing Landscape Management
17.2 Tools in Landscape Management and Their Roles
17.2.1 Maintenance Planner
17.2.2 Prerequisites of Using the Maintenance Planner
17.3 Summary
18 Transition to SAP Solution Manager 7.2
18.1 Preparation
18.1.1 Preparation of Solution Documentation
18.1.2 Preparation for Other SAP Solution Manager Scenarios
18.2 Upgrade
18.3 Content Activation
18.4 Postactivation Activities
18.5 SAP Solution Manager in SAP Cloud Appliance Library
18.6 Summary
19 SAP Solution Manager and the SAP Cloud Appliance Library
19.1 What Is SAP Cloud Appliance Library?
19.2 What Is a Cloud Provider?
19.3 Getting Started with SAP Cloud Appliance Library
19.3.1 Creating Your Cloud Provider Account
19.3.2 Creating your SAP CAL Account
19.3.3 Solutions in SAP Cloud Appliance Library
19.3.4 SAP Cloud Appliance Library Subscriptions
19.3.5 Create Your Own SAP Solution Manager Instance in SAP CAL
19.4 Managing SAP Solution Manager in SAP CAL
19.5 Accessing the Operating System Level of Your Instance
19.6 On-Premise Options for SAP Solution Manager in SAP Cloud Appliance Library
19.7 Summary
20 SAP Solution Manager in Premium Engagements for SAP S/4HANA
20.1 Innovation from SAP and Innovation with SAP
20.1.1 Better Outcomes for the Business and IT
20.1.2 Long-Term Strategic Partnership
20.1.3 Value and Innovation Management
20.1.4 Vision, Readiness, Resources: The Control Center Framework
20.2 The Simplicity You Need for Innovation
20.3 Summary
21 SAP Solution Manager Usage Rights
21.1 SAP Standard Support vs. SAP Enterprise Support
21.2 What Does This Mean for SAP Solution Manager?
21.2.1 Usage Rights: Functional Scope of SAP Solution Manager
21.2.2 Compliance
21.2.3 SAP Database for SAP Solution Manager
21.2.4 SAP Solution Manager for the Cloud
21.2.5 Licenses for External Parties
21.2.6 User Licensing
21.3 Summary
22 SAP Solution Manager on SAP HANA
22.1 SAP HANA Hardware Requirements
22.1.1 New Installation
22.1.2 Upgrade and Migration of an Existing SAP Solution Manager System
22.2 Upgrade and Migration Procedure
22.3 SAP HANA Training Offerings and Reference Material
22.4 Notes and Documentation
22.5 Summary

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